Helen Daly


Lilac Cottage,
Co. Cork

T: 021 4878709
M: 087 2439068
E: helendalyceramics@gmail.com


I make sculptural teapots in which I try to express life, energy and movement in solid ceramic. Each is unique and the making process is an integral part of creating each character. It begins on the wheel with a solid teapot body, thrown in one piece, and is then altered and added to as the character slowly emerges.

The making process proceeds right through to the firing - moving, sinking, sitting or shrinking into its final incarnation. All my teapots have a separate character, created piece by piece throughout the making process. I like my pots to invoke reactions in people, contact, interaction - that is a very important part of my work, and the familiarity of the teapot shape is an integral part of that interaction.

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