Kira O'Brien

Kira O'Brien

Co Cork

T: 087 1214257


My name is Kira O Brien and I live and practice in Crosshaven, Co Cork. I have exhibited both in Ireland and abroad in Switzerland and the United States.

My body of work that continues to develop and mature depicts my surroundings and the people that inhabit my environment. I embrace the traditional aspects of ceramic drawing techniques and combine this with a narrative. Ultimately I search for conversation and an emotional connection between the viewer and my work. With each mark made I look to relay a message of understanding and common ground. My work which lies within the parameters of structure and technique suggests everyday accounts of life and love and wanting, of stillness and time gone by, of moments cherished and loved ones lost. It is accountable and bears witness to everyday occurrences whether these are joyous or sad.

The structure and physical aspect of my work is a box form , wall plates, platters and functional ware, which for the most part are slab, mould and hand carved. I occasionally use the potter’s wheel for throwing ware and using as a tool for extra details.

Sgraffitto is my chosen Ceramic technique at this time.


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